Nibble Classic Faucet

Nibbles provided by Llama & Horse Mining Company, gratis. Caveat Emptor. Carpe Noctem. BARBA TENUS SAPIENTES.

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Open the faucet every 5 minutes

This faucet allows you to claim every five minutes, but the more you claim in a 24-hour window, the less you get per claim.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Hit us up on Discord. We're a friendly group.

Want to mine some Nibble Classic?

C'mon over and join us at the Llama & Horse Nibble Classic mining pool.


Like having a community faucet? Want to donate to it? Send funds directly to the faucet wallet here: Nib1VL25H1EaYzq9JodqdAiX7UvDk1g5LLYCZ652jrCZitEZfoL3LpyB68sUDh39DKeQ73NNcoTLC9PoftkWGA7m3cnKdCEPv9

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Faucet to Wallets

We do not support payment IDs or payments to exchanges. That's against the idea of the faucet, dude!

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